Episode 1

Episode 1 – Earthworm Jim

Welcome to the show!  As Chris and Katie kick off their journey through their video-gaming youth, they are starting with a classic… Earthworm Jim.  This Sega Genesis title from 1994 is full of vivid colors, cartoony artwork, fantastic music, strange enemies, and above all… a giant worm in a super-suit!

In this episode, we learn about our two sibling hosts, why they’re starting a podcast, and what impact video games had on their shared childhoods.  Then, they talk about the game through their “rose-tinted glasses” of childhood and what they remember, predict what they’ll think about it upon replaying it, and then see whether they were right or wrong.

Take a listen, get to know Chris and Katie, relive some fond memories if you ever played Earthworm Jim, or if not, learn a bit about it and decide if it’s worth finding and giving it a play…

Let’s talk games!

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