Episode 11

Episode 11 – Donkey Kong Country

Donkey and Diddy!  Cranky and Candy!  The whole Kong crew!  (And hey, don’t forget Funky!)  It’s DONKEY KONG COUNTRY time, on the Super Nintendo!  We’re rolling and jumping and launching our way through this jungle classic this week, and it’s barrels of fun (ba-dum-tss!).

Swing on by as hosts Chris and Katie break it down, with a special guest-hosting appearance from Producer-Host (Prost) Lisa!  Hear about her experiences and memories of it, and then the follow-up after all three played through the action… including Minecart Carnage, a.k.a. “THAT level…”

It’s a great one, and what a palate cleanser after a pair of 30-hour-long early RPGs!  Let’s do this!

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