Episode 21

Episode 21 – Street Fighter II

Round 21… PLAY!  We’re headed to Japan!  And Brazil!  And Thailand!  And, apparently, the U.S.S.R.!  Why?  Because it’s Street Fighter II time, and we’re flying all around the world to fun fight locales, dragon punches, yoga fires, and tiger knees!

Across the arcade, Sega Genesis, and Super Nintendo, this game showed up across a LOT of systems, and defined the 90s for a lot of kids growing up with fighting games.  Not to mention, an AMAZING(ly bad) movie featuring the talents of Raul Julia, and Jean-Claude Van Damme hamming it up for an hour and 40 minutes.

A new Trope of the Day, a frustrated Host Katie calling the computer a cheater, countries that no longer exist, and a small detour into a former game developer’s thigh fetish… this episode’s got it all!


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