Episode 25

Episode 25 – Final Fantasy IV

It’s time!  Final (final, final, final) Fantasy again!  Maybe they should have named the series The Neverending Story.  That’s not taken, right?

Final Fantasy IV!  Where, unlike the previous games, you have to… fetch the four elemental crystals?  Deal with a sad backstory involving orphans?  Fly in an airship that Cid gives you?  Hmm, there has to be something new… oh right, ATB!  You get to attack less often than the enemies!  Well, as they say, repetition doesn’t spoil the prayer.  Still fun, still exciting, and still a classic Final Fantasy experience!

Listen in as Chris and Katie break down the details, walk through the plot, and talk about how it felt to go through this game for the very first time!

You spoony bard!

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