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Episode 29 – Spyro the Dragon

It’s that time again!  Time to dive back into the archives and pull out another classic title to frustrate one, the other, or both of our hosts!

This time it’s fire-blasting, boost-jumping, dragon-saving, key-fetching, and platform-gliding with everyone’s favorite winged protagonist, Spyro the Dragon!  Back to platforming, back to the PS1, and with the added bonus of Host Katie’s favorite element, flying levels!  (Note: refer back to episode 12, Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat, for more detail on just how much she loves flying in video games!)

Insomniac Games brings us this one, and this one launched a great series of games, including a recent remaster that one host played, while the other stuck to the original.  Different?  Better?  You’ll have to listen in to find out!  One is DEFINITELY worse with loading screens though…

Hop in, reignite, float over, whatever way you want to say it, give it a listen and maybe find a copy to dust off and toss into your system of choice!

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