Random Non-Rose 5: Assassin's Creed 2

Who's that jumping off the building up there?

Who's that calmly walking amongst a group of courtesans as though he's not quite obviously not one of them?

Who's that jumping into a pile of hay and saying "shhh, you can't see me in here!"?

It's Easy-O! Etch-Ee-Oh! Eez-yo! No, it's EZIO!

The hosts are back... err wait, what's that? It's an all-East-Coast VERY SPECIAL EPISODE? Featuring Host Chris and SPECIAL GUEST HOST PRODUCER HOST LISA? Woaaahhhh!

Freshly back from a tour across the pond, wandering along the other ponds (obviously I mean "along the canals of Venice, across the Atlantic Ocean"), living the Assassin's Creed 2 life for a while, and they decided to share it with us all, after playing through AC2 upon their return!

Where else can you get lessons on murder, technology, renaissance Italian politics and art, and relative comparisons of street widths in modern Venice, than on GAMES WE GREW UP WITH?

So cut off a finger, jump off a building, commit random acts of murder, and listen to a discussion of watching yourself be conceived in the past! It's Assassin-in' time!

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